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Terms & Conditions

Sahadewa resort & spa
[title type=”old” text=”Reservation” size=”h4″ align=”left” icon_color=”theme” uppercase=”no” bold=”yes” line=”yes”]

Upon confirming a booking, the management will email a reservation confirmation and request the deposit to be paid within 2 business days in order to secure the booking.

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30% deposit is required to hold the booking and the balance is to be settled at least one week prior to arrival. With payment of the deposit the guest agrees to the Terms and Conditions and the management guarantees the reservation.

All payments are to be received in full amount. Any bank fees for bank transfers and 3% charge on credit card for online payment services is to be paid by the guest.

We accept payment only in USD (US Dollar) or IDR (Rupiah).

Credit card payments are charged in Indonesian Rupiah according to local regulations. USD amounts are converted into Rupiah at the management’s book keeping rate.

USD cash payment terms:

  • Only dollars that are issued after 2006 and are in good condition are accepted.
  • Only $100 bills, no small change.
  • We only accept Dollars with H & K series.
[title type=”old” text=”Cancellation policy and change in booking period” size=”h4″ align=”left” icon_color=”theme” uppercase=”no” bold=”yes” line=”yes”]

The 30% deposit is non-refundable. However, on case by case basis, the management will accommodate the changes by allowing the use of the deposit at a later time, within a pre-determined time limit. This will depend upon availability and advance notice from the guest.

To shorten the length of a confirmed booking, an advance notice of 2 months prior to the check-in date is required. Once the reservation change has been confirmed, a new booking confirmation will be issued and a different rate may apply.

[title type=”old” text=”Security Deposit” size=”h4″ align=”left” icon_color=”theme” uppercase=”no” bold=”yes” line=”yes”]

A security deposit equal to the amount of one night’s stay will be required to be paid to the villa manager upon arrival. This may be paid in USD or IDR. The cash will be returned upon check-ou,t provided that no damage was done to the villa or its assets during the guest’s stay.

Please note that the guest is responsible for any damage caused to the villa or its content during the stay, this includes damage caused by others invited to the villa by the guest. The cost-price value of any items damaged by the customer during the stay will be withheld from the security deposit by the villa management. Additional charges may apply should the damage costs exceed the security deposit amount.

[title type=”old” text=”Insurance” size=”h4″ align=”left” icon_color=”theme” uppercase=”no” bold=”yes” line=”yes”]

Each guest is advised to have travel insurance for the unlikely event of an illness, accident, loss of personal items or other travel contingencies that may happen during a stay in Bali.

For loss of personal items, most insurance policies require a police report that states there was a sign of a break in. A police report can only be obtained by having police come to the villa and meet in person. Guests are advised to keep all personal items inside locked rooms when they are not in the villa and no valuable items should be left in the open areas of the villa.

[title type=”old” text=”Regulations” size=”h4″ align=”left” icon_color=”theme” uppercase=”no” bold=”yes” line=”yes”]

All guests are required to comply with local laws and regulations. A copy of each guest’s passport is required at check-in for police registration. Only registered guests can stay in the villa; authorities impose high penalties for non-compliance. No drugs or any illegal activities are permitted on the premises. Any weapons, including BB guns or Airsoft guns, are not permitted on the premises and will be immediately confiscated by the management if found. Any cost of dealing with police or other authorities is the responsibility of the guest.

Guests are asked to show consideration regarding noise levels and to respect the privacy of other guests and neighbours.

[title type=”old” text=”Responsibility” size=”h4″ align=”left” icon_color=”theme” uppercase=”no” bold=”yes” line=”yes”]

Please be advised that the villa owner or management is not responsible for any loss or damage to personal items, illness, injuries or accidents during the stay in our villas. Delay in arrival for any reason or changes in travel schedules are not compensated.

No responsibility can be taken for failure of machinery or equipment in the villa, but the management will endeavour to assist the guests in the best way possible and have any such problems rectified as quickly as possible. The management does not accept responsibility for any events that are not in control of the management, such as fire and severe weather.

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